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AgingEmpowered Care Navigation and Consulting firm specializes in successful aging services for individuals, families, and organizations. AgingEmpowered offers Care Navigation (AKA Geriatric Care Management) and organizational consulting through in-person visits and Zoom video conferencing software. We currently serve clients in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, and California. Curious to see how AgingEmpowered can help? Give us a call!

In addition to consulting services, AgingEmpowered provides evidence-based content to inform and inspire those who wish to become more informed about the aging process. Thank you for sharing our vision that aging is a new and exciting chapter of life!

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Caregiving Plan B: COVID-19 Edition

One of my favorite jams from the 90s is “Don’t Stay Home” by 311. If this is piquing your curiosity or causing you to wax nostalgic, you can check it out here: watch.  While the message fits many phases of life, suffice it to say Anthony S. Fauci, MD, is not endorsing it as the […]

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Aging Well For Caregivers For Families

Exercise and Aging: It’s Never Too Late to Start

Considering how to make 2020 your best year yet? It is never too late to start a new activity! That is more than true for Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins who at the age of 100 years young took up running after retiring her love for cycling. At 101 “Hurricane” set a world record for her 100 meter […]

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