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Welcome to AgingEmpowered! Thank you for sharing the dream and vision that aging is a new and exciting chapter of life! AgingEmpowered is possible thanks to a fierce passion to disrupt the current systems that support older adults, informed by scholarly research, and inspired by clients--including the care navigator’s famous 86-year-old father! The founder, Colleen Hollestelle, crafted her practice in response to years of care coordination and leadership in assisted living, nursing homes, home health, and aging research. AgingEmpowered offers Care Navigation (aka Geriatric Care Management) to Columbia, Missouri, and beyond, as well as consultation for families and organizations worldwide. AgingEmpowered also provides quality content to inform and inspire those exploring topics on aging.

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The Road to Care Navigation

At 4 ¾ years old, I was salty about my elementary school not admitting me to kindergarten at the beginning of the new school year.  I declared if I couldn’t begin school, I’d show them. I started my own school. I “developed my curriculum” and “set up my classroom.” The classroom was a wooden table […]

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For Caregivers

10 Minutes a Day: The Superhero’s Request

A seventy-three-year-old superhero solemnly pokes at his hamburger in a suburban sports bar. He shakes his glass of ice, dips his chin, and squints his eyes to emphasis his points. He describes the exhaustion, frustration, failures, mishaps, and successes of caring for the love of his life, who can be overtaken by his archnemesis, Alzheimer’s […]

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