AgingEmpowered was founded with the philosophy that all people can age well. AgingEmpowered offers care navigation and consulting services for older adults and their families as well as organizational consulting for senior living and senior care.

Colleen with dog and husband

Founder Bio:

With twenty years of experience in gerontology, Colleen has practiced in various settings including assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, home health, hospice, aging research, and nonprofits. This experience allows the AgingEmpowered practice to offer practical, evidence-based solutions to age well in every environment. Colleen’s passion for spreading the good word about aging is noticed in the classroom, too; she is an adjunct instructor of Adult Development and Aging at the University of Missouri Department of Human Development and Family Science. She enthusiastically brings the research and practice to life, and she invites students to choose gerontology as a profession.  Colleen holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development with an emphasis in aging from the University of Missouri (M-I-Z!) and is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Southern California (FIGHT ON!)  In addition, she is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Administrator-in-Training Preceptor, Respecting Choices Facilitator,  and Care Manager Certified by The National Association of Certified Care Managers.  The AgingEmpowered practice is proud to host interns and Care Managers-in-training.  Previously, Colleen was the advisor and educator for the University of Missouri’s Geriatric Care Management certificate program before it was discontinued.

Colleen is the youngest of 8 children and LOVES working with families. She and her husband, Patrick, live near her famous octogenarian (that means 80+) father, “Farmer Frank.” Together, they garden, fix all that breaks, frequent Lowe’s, and host delicious family meals. For fun, Colleen and Patrick read, travel the world, hike, golf, and attend the many cultural events Columbia, Missouri, has to offer.  Together they have over 20 nieces and nephews who they adore spoiling through their devoted Aunt and Uncle duties.  Colleen and Patrick have a dog, Ramsey; a cat, Saki; and a son named Aidan.

Professional Memberships and Community Engagement

AgingEmpowered subscribes to the philosophy that lifelong learning and service to the community are pillars to the success of AgingEmpowered’s vision. Colleen is a proud member of the following organizations:

Colleen also participates in the following community service opportunities:

Colleen from AgingEmpowered was instrumental in helping move my mom back to Missouri from Arizona. She helped us arrange travel, gave us tips to make our home more accessible for Mom, and helped us establish healthcare and services in Columbia. It helped us sort through all the information to have an expert on our side. Thank you, Colleen!