Senior Care Consulting

AgingEmpowered’s scope of services reaches beyond older adults residing in the community. The consultants with AgingEmpowered are specially trained in senior living, too! AgingEmpowered is able to help senior care and senior living organizations become successful at reaching their performance and quality goals. AgingEmpowered’s consultants complete gap analyses and identify opportunities to meet performance and quality goals.

Survey Readiness Assessment

Nursing Home and Senior Living Strategic Planning

Census Development

Quality Assurance and Process Improvement

Associate Training

Leadership and Administrator Coaching

Policy Development and Implementation

Strengths Based Organizational Assessment

AgingEmpowered is amazing! Colleen is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, full of compassion, and can help anyone at any stage navigate the many choices and decisions that come with the aging process. She has a passion and dedication for helping people age well, and is on a mission to change our expectations of what aging can be. Having her on our team to help with care for my Mom has been a true blessing.